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Jan 1st 2008, 8:40AM

Last updated 7/9/2008
- Updated the Castle with new graphics, rooms, and NPC’s.
- Several new courses, including Snowman’s Land, Lethal Lava Land, Tall Tall Mountain, Shifting Sand Land, and Tick Tock Clock, as well as various secret stars
- A new Power-up: Wing Cap!
- as of now, you can collect around 50 Shine Sprites; the rest haven’t been made yet...
- The Level Designer hasn’t yet been added in (still need to make it).
- NOTE: None of the cinemas are done yet, so the storyline doesn’t yet make sense (such as the Castle being dark, etc.).

This originally was from the file “Super Mario Sunshine 128,” but the name was always sort of temporary, and so we decided to change it to Super Mario 63. New features include (as in new compared to the older version) are the change of button configuration to [shift], Z, X, and C; Ground Pounding, new Menu Layout, redrawn/new areas, and the ability to play as Luigi!

However, we don’t really know how the change between Mario and Luigi should be done. Should it be like New Super Mario Bros, where you could change every time you play, like Super Mario 64 DS, where you could change by visiting a room, or like Super Galaxy, where you unlock him by beating the game...

Note - Things that are incomplete/under development
-the rest of the Menu Layout
-the Level Designer
-all the Cinemas in the game
-the “Copy Files” coding (slightly glitchy, and can’t figure out why!)
-Course #7: Rainbow Ride
-Bowser’s Trap #3
-Wet-Dry World
-and various Secret Stars

P - Pause
Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Switch Fludd
Z - Ground Pound
X - Spin attack
C - Use Fludd
+ - Zoom In
- - Zoom Out

I will be updating this game periodically (every month or so). Just be aware that your file may have to be erased in order to update it.

Super Mario 63 Credits List:

-=Character & Enemy Sprites=-

Mario With Fludd: Ripped by Bacon, Rogulgot & Edited by Flare
M&LSS Mario & Luigi: A.J. Nitro
Bowser: Ripped By Ragey
King Boo: Ripped By Ragey
Bomb-omb: Bombermaster
Shy Guys: Ripped By : A.J. Nitro
Bullet Bills: Ripped By Raccoon Sam
Goonies & Skeleton Goonies: Ripped By Cheeseman
Toads: Ripped by Xando

-=Other Graphics=-

Ice Tiles: (Ripped) Viper
Various Items and Platforms: Tonberry2k (Ripped from Yoshi’s Island)
Various Rocks & Random Stuff: Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy, and EdpR (Ripped From Yoshi’s Island)
New Super Mario Bros Tileset: Jouw (Riped from New Super Mario Bros.)
Snow/Cave Tileset: Ripped byYI Fanatic (from Yoshi’s Island)
Jungle/Meadow Tileset: Ripped by anthony cv
Flower Garden Tileset: (From YI) Ripped by Raccoon Sam
Peaches Castle (Outside):
Common Hill Background: Ripped by Toadeeboy
Inside Peaches Castle Main Room: Bidbood
New Super Mario Bros. Backgrounds: Larry Inc (Ripped from NSMB)
Various Objects (1-up Mushroom & Crate): ZinDinTimeYUM
Super Mario 64 Textures: Ripped by Raccoon Sam
Star Coin: Ripped by Jouw
Various Explosion: Ripped by Viper (from Sonic Advance 3)
Various Explosions: (Ripped from Tales of the World 3)


Title Screen: mariomusicmaker1 - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/86833
File Select Screen Remix: HouseMasta - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/9409
Tutorial Music: (Ripped from Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Bob-Omb Battlefield: (Ripped from SM64)
Cool Cool Mountain : (Ripped from SM64)
Shifting Sand Land: (Ripped from SM64)
Hazy Maze Cave: (Ripped from SM64)
Boo’s Mansion: (Ripped from SMG)
Lethal Lava Land: (Ripped from SMG)
Rainbow Ride: (Ripped from Super Smash Bros. Melee)
King Koopa’s Theme : (Ripped from SM64)
Secret Courses: m477zorz

Water Phsyics: Jim Bumgardner

-=Sound Effects=-
Most Ripped from SM64 and Super Mario Sunshine by: Trasher & Thunder Dragon (respectively) .

Nintendo: Basically everything...
Redesigned by: Rob & Steven (a.k.a. Runouw)

Nearly All Graphics, Musics, Sounds, Character, and (Most) Course Desgins are copyrighted by Nintendo. Big thanks to them.

Category: Game
Tags: Action, Experimental,
Post Date: Jan 1st 2008, 8:40AM
Tools Used: Flash Player 8
Time Taken: Less Than 2 Years
Favorites: 238
Score: 141
Comments: 106
Views: 83413

Creditos : Runouw

Suvido gracias a MegaUpload

DOWNLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/es/?d=7GJ5ZK3H

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