jun 26 2008

Antes que nada que bueno es ver crecer a este maravilloso foro, y no dejando de lado mis primeros posts ahi va lo prometido, espero sea de su agrado.

“Everything is Posible”

Character Skins

Van a necesitar “Esto” con su respectiva contraseña: gratisjuegos.org
-Viper Snake’s Hair for Leon By Viper Snake
-Viper Snake’s Hair for Ada By Viper Snake
-Urban RPD By Crackhead09
-Umbrella Leon By Bulldog19892
-Tiger-stripe Jacket By Parser
-Claire Redfield By Enrico Marini
-Rebecca Chambers By Crackhead09
-Cleaned up Ashley for Special 1 By Inuyasha254
-Jacket & Urban Camo Pants for Leon By EdisLeado
-Manky Villagers By Parser
-Luis Sera By Enrico Marini
-Leon X By Factor-X
-Leon’s old RE2 skin By Albert
-Leon with stubble By Mr_Zombie
-Leon RPD High and Real Definition By Jamecharles
-Jill Valentine By LEON453
-Improved HUNK (v2) By Sp3cTeR!
-Ultra High Res Jacket (2048x2048) By FCMaxi
-High Res Leon Head/Hair By Odium
-Hi-Res R.P.D. Outfit By Sfisher7
-Hi-Res Chainsaw mask By Brett123
-Hi-Res Better Looking Shotgun By ViperAnaf
-Hi-Res Hair for Leon By Kris Dee
-Hi-Res Leon Jacket By Adrianmk2
-Hi Res Wesker By Maestro Alvarius
-Heather Mason By Enrico Marini
-Hardcore Leon By AaronLite
- Frozenux/Satyr’s Skins for Leon And Hunk By Satyr/Frozenux
-Extreme Res Leon By AaronLite
-Dragon Jacket By GodsBeard
-Dark Leon By Kaze
-Camoflauge R.P.D. Leon By notsafeforwork
-Camo Pants Pack 2 By Crackhead09
-Camo Pants Pack By Crackhead09
-Ashley Graham By MarkGrass
-Action Cop Leon By Paravel
-Maskless Hunk By Jamesuminator
-Blood Splat HUNK By Sp3cTeR!
-Goth Ashley By Enrico Marini
-Code Veronica Wesker By Jamesuminator
-Billy Coen By Jamesuminator
-Perso skins 2 By Satyr/Frozenux
-”The Bride” and “The Crazy Bloody Bride” By Satyr/Frozenux
-Dr. Salvador (Leon Replacement) By Darkleox
-Wesker (Leon Replacement) By Jamesuminator
-Garrador (Leon Replacement) By Darkleox
-Hi-RES Zealots By Maestro Alvarius
-Krauser Full Power Mod By DarkLeox
-High Detail Hunk By Cerberus
-Jill RPD Style (for Assignment Ada) By LEON453
-Max Payne (Wesker Replacement) By Sfisher7 and Jamesuminator
-Lady in Black By Cerberus
-Biohazard Hunk By Cerberus
-Wesker S.T.A.R.S. Costume By Jamesuminator
-Ghost Black Knight Armor By Darkleox
-Umbrella Special Forces Mod By Darkleox
-Red Redemption (Hunk) By Sp3cTeR!
-Virus T leon By Klad
-Enemy Krauser By Jamesuminator
-Hi-Res Krauser By Parser
-Merchant (Leon Replacement) By Jamesuminator
-Leocard By Cerberus
-Camouflage Coat Hunk By Speed911
-Mangled Guards of Saddler By IVIasoN´
-HUNK (Leon Replacement) By Leon Scott Kennedy
-Vampire Hunter By ChrisR.&leonS.K.
- Krauser the Demon Ninja By Khaotic Silver
-Darker Leon By Starce3
-Special Ops Leon By Starce3
-Alucard Skin By mad_le_zisell
-Satyr’s “Alucard” By Satyr
-Bitch in Red Dress By RECB Leon Scott Kennedy
-CV Pack By Jamesuminator
-Black Jacket By Jamesuminator
-Solus By Tomas18
-CV Pack By Jamesuminator
- Black Jacket By BO$$anaC
- A Mod for Mike By ChrisR.&leonS.K.
-Hellsing Mod: Integra By mad_le_zisell
-Ashley with the Salazar Crown By mad_le_zisell
-Hi-Res Krauser By BO$$anaC
-Black Jacket Skull By Tyrant
-Claire Redfield REMAKE By Wizard
-Ashlee Outfit / Hair Recolor By Wizard
-Ashlee Outfit / Hair Recolor #2 By Wizard
-Ashley`s New Hair Style By IVIasoN´
- All Enemies Sharpened By Wizard
-Tactical Vest By Tyrant
-Alfred Ashford RE CV By WeskerPunnisher
-Ada Wong (Pink bikini) By Mariokart64n
-Skirtless Ashley By ChrisR.&leonS.K.
-Black Swat Jet Ski By ChrisR.&leonS.K.
-Gold Armor (For Ashley) By Tyrant
-The Mask (Satyr’s version) By Satyr
-Wesker In Story -ORIGINAL- Wesker Reskin By H.C.F Wesker
-Ten Hut Soldier By LeonPlisken
-Foxhound Unit Leon By ChrisR.&leonS.K.
-Leon Reskin By Jamesuminator
-Long Coat Leon By ThinRedPaste
-New Hair and Dark Camo (Leon Replacement) By ChrisR.&leonS.K.
-”Checker” Urban Camo By RedAsylum
-UBCS Captain Jon Roman By Jack Bauer, Satyr, Viper Snake
-UBCS Captain Jon Roman By Jack Bauer, Satyr, Viper Snake
-Leon with Tactical Vest and Helmet By ChrisR.&leonS.K.
-Ada’s Plastic Surgery By Wizard
Estos son algunos de los Mods, cualquier duda ya saben donde encontrarme y si no:

[email protected]

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